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  7. "The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are."
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  9. An apartment to myself

    As I awoke this morning, I could hear the gently buzz of the three fans in throughout the apartment filling the air with a white noise that made it impossible to not slip into a state of deep restful thought. Not of wants or worry, not of planning or responsibilities, but a place of contemplation that drowned out my mental to-do list. Sure there were tasks that were to be done, such as showering, breakfast, and getting ready for a meeting, but there was a much more important thing to do. I needed that time, that  quiet, that stillness, to inspect the content of my soul and find contentment in that moment. Knowing that the rest of the day might bring a multitude of stressors and distractions, but I would handle those as they came, for now, I had that brief space of serenity. It gets harder to respect that time as classes start and my roommate returns from travel, and I do wish that I did more time of caring for my soul, but the moments that I do have, though not as common as they should be, are beautiful glimpses into what I truly hope to be.

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    Little kitchen. Big life.

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